About the Gift Certificates

All sales and purchases of Gift Certificates and products/services are final and non-refundable.  However, they are transferrable.

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Do you offer outdoor photoshoots?

Yes, I can offer this and most of the time they are beach shoots but it will depend on requirements, locations, travel time and this may be an additional cost to you. I’ll happily discuss your requirement and offer options with an outdoor photoshoot. However, I prefer the studio location as it is a controlled environment and our setting is complete and needless to say,

Do you offer outdoor photoshoots?2020-09-24T05:17:26+10:00

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I have a high-end studio located in Caroline Springs, this is where you will be pampered with your makeover and photographed. My team and my team and I could organise a location photoshoot such as a hotel etc to enhance your expectations of the desired boudoir experience.

Do you have a studio?2023-11-02T05:46:11+10:00

What makes your products so unique?

Our chosen supplier and lab stand out from its competitors and make it a world leader because of the museum archival quality finish that will last a lifetime. They are luxurious products with so much attention to detail and the unique approach that combines search for innovation, style and impeccable, made in Italy quality whilst always being timeless for future heirlooms.

What makes your products so unique?2020-09-24T05:16:24+10:00

When will I receive my order?

The turn around for artwork is normally 4-6 weeks as products are mostly made in Italy as these are amongst the world's finest and best artwork production companies. Unless, it is digital branding, then we can definitely complete the order for you much sooner.

When will I receive my order?2020-09-24T05:15:52+10:00

How much retouching do you do in the photos I order?

Retouching is done on all of our portrait orders and the amount of retouching should normally be just enough to soften lines and skin, as that is often the biggest concern. A “nip and tuck” here and there is ok and of course we can take retouching very far but ideally, it should be kept to a minimum so we are able to keep the

How much retouching do you do in the photos I order?2020-09-24T05:15:22+10:00

I am not sure what my style is and what should I wear?

I will have a discussion with you about your expectations with the makeover and how far you would like to take it. Often, I also discuss accessories, colours and your lingerie choices, what you are drawn to and what you love about your body shape. You can make it as simple so it looks effortless and cool, which, lucky for many of you, involves things

I am not sure what my style is and what should I wear?2020-09-24T05:14:51+10:00

When do I choose my favorite photos and artwork?

All decisions and payments are to be made on the day of your photoshoot, so it is important that all decision makers are there on the day.  An in person presentation takes place on a cinematic screen, shortly after your photoshoot.  This is where you can see your photographs life size which makes selecting portraits so much easier. If a design consultation is to be

When do I choose my favorite photos and artwork?2020-09-24T05:14:15+10:00

Should I have my hair and makeup done in the studio?

This is so important as the makeover is a time for you to be able to relax in our studio and really tune in and trust my team to deliver the best hair and makeup results. Every makeup artist is an absolute professional and highly skilled, especially understanding enhancing features and what kind of makeup is best suitable to you and your purpose in photography.

Should I have my hair and makeup done in the studio?2020-09-24T05:13:47+10:00

The women on your website all look like models, I am a REAL looking woman, not a model?

The women you see featured on my website are real everyday women and my clients. They are incredible, all with a different story and many struggle with confidence BUT  although they’re extraordinary human beings, they are not models. You probably think they look so comfortable, confident in front of the camera but this is where, I as your photographer will show you, that you can

The women on your website all look like models, I am a REAL looking woman, not a model?2020-09-24T05:13:11+10:00
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