“I had no expectations and it was beyond amazing. It was truly the best day of my life. The experience gave me a better appreciation and love for who I am.”

Amber Attard

“Thanks so much for today. I had a great time. You girls made me so comfortable You’re a great team & you should be very proud. xx

Kiri Walker

“Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence and my drive! I am so lucky that I was one of your chosen models, I thank you with my whole heart.”

Cat Garcia

“Thanks Marina. It was honestly a magical day and I felt so special and beautiful. Thank you so much. I loved every minute of my shoot. You are amazing at your job

Antionette Walford - Boudoir

“I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the balance of masculine and feminine, how I have both inside me and how they battle to lead.

I say battle because I don’t feel like they want to work together, often I feel that I am too much of one or the other, that I should be more of something else.

Sometimes I feel like I cry too often or too easily and other times I feel like I lack softness, have too much edge going on, a rigidness that is both harsh and strong.

I know a lot of it has more to do with my need to fit in and less to do with thinking I’m doing something wrong. And I’m working on that, rationally I know it’s the media and messaging I receive that makes me feel this way – that it’s not my truth, but it’s hard to be rational when it triggers old patterns and feeling about not being worthy, not being enough and feeling like I lack something essential.

Have you ever felt the same?

Silly Billy Caitlin sometimes feels that having short hair or getting a fade at the barbers makes her too masculine.

It’s a ridiculous thought because I look awesome with short hair and I love going to the barber. And yet it’s there at the back of my mind almost everyday.

This gorgeous shot was taken by Marina @boutiquemelbournestudiosshe’s captured both sides of me, I feel so soft and sexy looking at this image. But I also feel strong, powerful and courageous. It’s a beautiful balance and reminder that I need both.”

Caitlin Byrne

“My partner Zach and I couldn’t recommend Marina and Amanda enough! We had our maternity shoot yesterday and it was such a laugh and so much fun, time went so quickly and we can not wait to see the end results! The makeup and hair was mind blowing and the professionalism, friendliness and laid back vibe deserves more than 5 stars! Have recommended to our family and friends

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity ️”

Monica Attard - Fine Art Boudoir Maternity

“WOWWWW I love the retouch!!! So amazing. Wow I just love looking at it

Emma Kane - Maternity Boudoir