Not many women know that boudoir photography is one of the most powerful genres of photography for a woman. It is for EVERY type of woman, regardless of size, age, it is for ALL WOMEN. There are many misconceptions about boudoir photography but it has the ability to change your life, I hear that all the time! WOW if this is what it takes, it’s not a big chance to take for something that can have so much impact.

For too many years, the connotation to boudoir has been vulgar photography, too explicit, overly sexy but the truth is, my interpretation is that I think every woman should feel delicate, feminine but at the same time, she should also reflect empowerment and self love. So many of us are looking for love but we forget that it starts with self love. A boudoir photoshoot offers just that – a way to celebrate everything that a woman is. 


With the crazy year we have all had globally, limitations with so many things we have loved to do due to COVID-19, there have been many great things to also look forward to and lots of self revelations. Many women have said that this time had brought them closer to their partners, that they have found out a lot about themselves, how they react to limitations, patience is tested but the love of life and what we take for granted too often has brought a new perception on what really matters – the little things and feeling how lucky we are just to be healthy, loved by those whom mean so much to us and liking what we see in the mirror every day.  Many women have worked on personal development during this time and are wanting to rock this experience – just because they deserve it and are aware of self worth!

It’s a chance to have a boudoir shoot as a way to celebrate yourself, moving forward during challenges and this experience will  create some amazing photographs that reflect just how vivacious and incredible you really are. These portraits will grow in value over time, in years to come, as you remind yourself just how confident, sexy and beautiful  you were at that stage of your life.